Here is a list of things we will need:

  1. Current Physical, Dental, and Vision
  2. Current Psychological
  3. A copy of Immunization Records
  4. A copies of School Records and MDT
  5. An Agreement on Intervention Hours
  6. What is the Funding source (address of who to bill to)
  7. Current Medicaid Card and/or any other Insurance Card
  8. Any history information
  9. Any Medical records
  10. Current Medication Scripts for all medications with refills for at least 2 months
  11. Individuals Middle Name
  12. State Ward Verification - (School letter-must have CPS signature *date must be the date the individual actually comes into services)
  13. Birth Certificate and Social Security Card if available
  14. Current IEP
  15. Any court orders of restraining or protection orders currently in place and any other court orders
  16. Finalized Guardianship papers
  17. Current amount of SSI (if applicable)
  18. Name/address of who is payee
  19. Name/address of who is the responsible party for Room and Board
  20. Information on any outstanding debt(s) owed and to who

** ALL of these items will need to be in Envisions possession prior to coming into services. If not, the individual will not be allowed to start services**

We offer Assisted Day Services, Job Placement/Coaching, Assisted Residential Services, Supported Residential Services, Work Stations in Industry and much more!