We are here to make a difference

We are here to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of the children, adults and families we serve. Whether you’re looking for help for yourself or someone you love, or looking to make a difference in the community, welcome to Envisions.

Our Team

Our Story

Envisions Inc. is a Nebraska-founded company that serves individuals with a variety of developmental disabilities. We offer competitive employment opportunities, community inclusion, life skill classes, volunteer opportunities, as well as day service and residential services. We strive for the ultimate goal for every individual we serve within these services to become more independent and fulfill their potential. Envisions cares about the community we live in and we want to offer everyone living in it an ability to have a secure and satisfying life, especially for those challenged with intellectual disabilities.

Like many of the individuals we serve, Envisions Inc. came from humble beginnings. In the mid 1990’s a woman (Marlee Eigenberg- Gordon) and a man (Kevin Kump) worked various jobs in the health and human service field. They worked for years throughout the state of Nebraska until they eventually met working for a provider that worked with developmentally disabled adults. After working in the field for some time they saw an opportunity. A chance to make a rewarding difference in their community and in the lives of individuals they served. So, they started Envisions and began providing quality services for the developmentally disabled in November of 1995.

Unfortunately, since the company was started Kevin Kump has passed on, but his and Marlee’s legacy lives on. Marlee and her family, as well as many loyal employees continue to provide quality services through Envisions to this very day. We believe in one set of characteristics for our individuals and for our services: Effort, Attitude, Success. With the right effort, and a positive attitude, success is on the horizon!

Team Member
Marlee Eigenberg-Gordon

President/CEO and Residential Coordinator

Team Member
Carla Chong


Team Member
Stephanie Gordon

Residential Coordinator and IPP Coordinator/ Therapy Trainer

Team Member
Beverly Ellinger

EFHP/In Home Services Program Coordinator/ Equine Therapy

Team Member
Nick Gordon

Vice President

We offer Assisted Day Services, Job Placement/Coaching, Assisted Residential Services, Supported Residential Services, Work Stations in Industry and much more!